Sunday, December 11, 2016


It's now been a decade since the Boise District initiated the AVID program at Fairmont Junior High School. All of the District's secondary schools now have AVID programs, and 1195 students are currently taking AVID coursework. That's a far cry from year 1, when 85 Fairmont students formed the first AVID classes.

Here's a slide which describes in brief the components of the AVID program:

All four of our comprehensive high schools have had students graduate from the District with AVID training, and we have some interesting new statistics about those grads.

Of the 424 AVID high school graduates:

187 graduated from Capital (first AVID graduating class 2010-11)
167 graduated from Borah (first AVID graduating class 2011-12)
  45 graduated from Boise (first AVID graduating class 2012-13)
  25 graduated from Timberline (first AVID graduating class 2013-14)

In total, 326 attended college the fall after high school graduation (77%). By contrast, the class of 2015 Direct Attendance percentage for the State of Idaho was 46%. For the Boise District as a whole, it was 61%.

Of the 424 AVID high school graduates:

19 have graduated from college
15 from a 4-year college
  4 from a 2-year college
254 are still enrolled in college
(That's 64% who have graduated or are still enrolled)

Among the AVID college grads, 13 of the 19 came from the College of Idaho (4), Boise Sate University (3), the University of Idaho (3), and Idaho State University (3). The largest number of majors have been in business fields (accounting, marketing, etc.) and in Biology.

This rate is a good indicator of the persistence of students graduating from the District's AVID program and continuing on to college. Each year, we'll continue to provide reports on AVID college "Go On"" rates and graduation.