Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Time flies - it seems like just yesterday that the AVID programs began its Boise District run at Fairmont Junior High School, with a small group of seventh graders who were recruited to take part in a brand new program that encouraged habits for successful entry into and completion of post-secondary degrees.

For those who are not familiar with AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), it began in San Diego, California  in 1970, and has spread across the country. Participation in AVID requires that schools identify non-traditional students from the "forgotten middle" - kids have potential but who likely would not choose college without the benefit of the AVID program.

These students are recommended by their elementary school teachers, and enrolled in an AVID "elective" in seventh grade, along with enrollment in Accelerated Math and English classes. In the AVID elective class , they receive subject-matter tutoring, along with organization and study skills and a belief they will succeed in college.

In high school, AVID students visit college campuses around the northwest, apply for grants and scholarships, and typically enroll in one or more Advanced Placement classes. The expectation is that they will "go on" and be successful.

College-Going and Persistence

One of the things that the AVID program has done particularly well is to get students off to a good start in college. A far higher percentage of AVID students enroll the fall after high school graduation than enroll from the Boise District as a whole or statewide.

Insofar as the number of students who have persisted from among the multiple classes and are either still enrolled in college or have graduated, here are the data 

As you can see, a substantially higher percentage of  AVID college students are still enrolled as of the fall of 2018 than are enrolled from the District as a whole. Comparable statewide data were not available.

College Degrees, Locations, and Fields

Thus far, 76 AVID students have graduated from college with a certificate or a  2- or 4-year degree. These students have earned 52 Bachelor's degrees, 17 Associate's degrees, and 7 certificates.

AVID college grads have earned degrees and certificates from 20 different colleges and universities. 19 degrees have come from Boise State University, 14 from the University of Idaho, 11 from the College of Western Idaho, 7 fro the College of Idaho, and 5 from Idaho State University. Other colleges of note from which AVID grads have earned degrees include Baylor University, University of Southern California, Oregon State University, Pepperdine University, Northwest Nazarene University, University of Utah, Lewis-Clark State College (4), Whittier College, and Northern Arizona University.

The largest number of AVID college grads have received degrees and certificates in Arts and Humanities majors (24),  followed by STEM degrees (17), and degrees in Business (12).

We will continue to update our AVID students' progress on a regular basis Looking to report 100 college grads next year at this time!