Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Go On Rates and Persistence

The best measures of success of the AVID program are the percentage of students that go on to college,  the persistence rates  over time, and the college graduation rate for those students.

So what do those rates look like, thus far?

The college go on rates for AVID students are remarkable, at 20-30% higher than the District as  a whole.

Considering that about 40% of Idaho high school grads typically graduate from college in a 6-year time frame, the persistence of AVID college students is impressive. Though we know that some AVID students graduated this spring, we'll wait until we receive the National Student Clearinghouse report next November to confirm the number of college grads, just to have official confirmation.

College Destinations

AVID student college destinations mirror the District-wide patterns. Just over 70% attend three institutions - Idaho, Boise State, and the College of Western Idaho. Here's a look at the overall AVID college-going patterns.

From among the "Other" category students, here are a few notable colleges Boise District AVID grads are attending.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) - we have come a long way! It's exciting to see so many Boise District AVID students having success and living their dreams.